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Custom Card Creation: Dreamscape Crack-a-Pack Stories

I’m currently in the middle a another round of playtesting my custom card set Dreamscape so I thought I’d share with everyone some of the stories and changes behind certain cards, what lessons I learnt from them, and what I’m keeping an eye on right now as I continue to playtest. However I’m also a big fan of limited formats and card evaluation and I know that not everyone cares about the minor design details behind every card so I’m mixing this with another common MtG article format, The Crack-a-Pack. So strap in for a bit on an experiment as I showcase a Dreamscape booster and dissect each card from both a design and limited standpoint.

But first if you not familiar with the cards in Dreamscape then feel free to take a look through the Dreamscape Visual Spoiler, or if your feeling brave you can try evaluating the cards without context first and then see how the full context may change your opinions.

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Custom Card Creation: A Guide to Playtesting

If I had to name one thing which I believe is undervalued and underused in the mtg custom card community it would be playtesting.
I’ve seen dozens of talented designers create and iterate on great designs for mechanics, duel deck and whole sets. But when asked what playtesting has been done all to often the answer is “very little.” I understand why this is, playtesting is hard, time consuming and it isn’t exciting like creating the next cool card. This is then exacerbated by the difficulties of getting  lots of players together and a lack of step by step resources on how organize these playtests.

In this guide I’m going to run step by step on how to coordinate your own both physical or online playtest sessions so you can improve your custom card designs. Read More →

Custom Card Creation: Dreamscape Overview

A Reddit Occurrence

For those of you who have listened to my podcast or seen me post on the MTGsalvation forums, you may know that I’ve been working on a custom MtG card set called Dreamscape for the last 6-8 months. This is a full 255 card large set designed for limited play and a hypothetical standard environment. I’ve been hosting physical playtest drafts using sleeved proxies to create booster packs as well as doing online sealed events using Cockatrice and Webdrafter. Read More →

Magic Origins Card Discussion #1

All of us here at The Gray Merchants are excited about Magic Origins and the spoilers that have begun to be released. It looks like a great send off for the core sets with plenty of re-envisioned classics, but also new convention breakers. So as we usher in a new age, we thought we would take a look at 10 recently spoilered cards and share our excitement, getting different opinions on them from our writers. Read More →

Custom Card Creation: An introduction

What is custom mtg card creation?

Have you ever played a match of magic and thought to yourself: “I wish a card like [BLANK] existed.”?

Maybe you think a UB sphinx would be really cool for your commander deck, or you want a Crux of Fate that says Allies instead of Dragons or maybe you just wish your favourite minor character like Tiagam deserved a card. Read More →

Color Pie: An in-depth guide

Colour Pie: An in-depth guide

Welcome to the first in a series of design articles by Reuben Covington. While we are starting with simple stuff, it’s important to get the fundamentals spot on before delving into more complex ideas and their application. If you ever wanted to build your own magic set, or wanted to understand a bit more about game design and development, this series is for you. Read More →