Limited PPTQ Report 05/07/15

As someone who was a fairly regular grinder for the Standard PPTQs earlier this year, I was looking forward to the upcoming Modern season. However, the schedule soon revealed that all the closest PPTQs were Sealed. All the modern ones were in the near country or in the East/South East suburbs. Drat.

Anyway, I felt obligated to give the PPTQ at my local LGS a go as my Sundays were usually pretty quiet. A friend coming down from Ballarat to spectate managed to give me a lift there. For a 10:00 am start, when we walked in at 9:40 the attendance seemed a bit bare. Two others apart from the store and judging staff were present. Everyone was hoping that alot more would show up by the start time, but only a few more managed to trickle in. At about 6-7 players there was a good risk that the event wouldn’t run, so we manage to convince my friend to join in. Read More →