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7 Point Highlander – An Introduction

Shortly after moving to Australia I was introduced to the wonderfully deep format of 7 Point Highlander (Hereafter 7PH). Having never heard of this format before, I quickly fell in love with it and now that I’ve learnt a lot more about it, wish to share this with the world.

The premise is simple; 60 card decks with 15 card sideboards with no card appearing more than once other than basic lands or a card that explicitly says it can such as Relentless Rats.
So far it seems like a more competitive version of Commander, but the big difference is in the title. Instead of a Banned list, any card that is legal in Vintage is legal in 7PH with decks not allowed to have any more than 7 points worth of cards between the main and sideboard. Due to the singleton nature and the points restriction, this format is less powerful than either Vintage or Legacy but is more powerful than Modern. Read More →

Building a Better Sealed

One of the most consistent complaints I hear about any form of magic is that Sealed is too luck based. If you open well, you will win and if you have a bad pool, there’s nothing you can do. While this can help or hinder your chances of doing well, I strongly believe a strong finish in sealed is better influenced by knowledge of the format, and in fact demands a very different skillset to that of Draft or Constructed. Read More →

Magic: The Travelling

Play the game, see the convention centres.

That certainly doesn’t have to be the case – it can absolutely be more like the original tagline from WotC – Play the game, see the world, this however was not such a trip. Read More →