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This Month in Legacy (March / April 2016)

Don’t worry, this is still happening! I’ve been absurdly busy over the past few months though, and haven’t had time to focus on the Legacy articles – but I’ll still aim to get these done on a semi-regular basis, at least! So for this recent article I’ll be covering both March and April and how the metagame progressed over those two months. So lots of content! Enjoy it!

March’s Results

The online metagame in March hummed along with its recent trend of Eldrazi and Miracles at the top. Interestingly, Miracles has still edged out its Eldrazi opposition (seen as a typically unfavourable matchup) with greater 5-0 appearances. Other interesting developments in this month are Shardless and BUG Delver’s strong presence (edging out Grixis, for once), with Abrupt Decay getting a strong nod due to its ability to be a clean answer to the Eldrazi and Miracles lock pieces. Storm variants lack of presence online also shows how Eldrazi has shaken up the metagame significantly, though ultra-fast combo decks like Belcher, who get under lock pieces, have seen a little bit of an uptick. Also interesting is the continuous 5-0s of a certain player on Bant Stoneblade, which we’ll look at later. Read More →

This Month in Legacy (February 2016)

Welcome once again to This Month in Legacy!

With March just wrapping up I have all of February’s statistics compiled, and with them I have a lot to talk about as the metagame has shifted drastically in the wake of quite a few large tournaments, such as SCG Open Philadelphia, Bazaar of Moxen Madrid and Top’s and MKM’s tournaments in Milan, as well as the appearance of a new Tier 1 strategy! So yes, now is quite an exciting time to be jamming Legacy!

Let’s look at the statistics from both Online and Paper:

The most marked change is the newest competitor in Legacy dethroning Miracles’ presence online, and closely challenging the most dominant archetype in Paper as well. Read More →

This Month in Legacy (January 2016)

Okay, now we’re finally back on track in terms of our monthly Legacy updates! I hope everyone had a good New Year and…

Welcome to a New Year of Legacy!

Per usual, there’re lots of interesting new things to investigate in January as the Legacy metagame has continued to develop – especially with Oath of the Gatewatch now hitting shelves and a few potential Legacy additions now finding their way into deck lists. The highlight events of this month were the bevy of SCG Classics, per usual, as well as a few large events hosted in Europe – if you want more information about the crazy amount of Legacy action going on in Europe (I’m super jealous), look towards Julian Knab’s guide here! American’s need not fear either though – there’s a variety of new series set up by stores around the country, including Eternal Extravaganza featuring many ‘satellite’ tournaments in the lead up to their tournament throughout the year. Details here about EE, and per usual look to the tournament announcements section on The Source for further details on a variety of tournaments.

So there’s quite a lot of Legacy going on this year – I’m really proud to see Legacy communities around the world step up and fulfil the void that SCG left with its trimming down of Legacy Opens!

Anyway, on to our charts and metagame analysis! Read More →

This Month in Legacy (December 2015)

Hello everyone! I have been very… absent for the past few months, and well… this is the most delayed article ever! I’m one whole month behind! Being on a holiday and in a variety of different countries certainly cuts down ones writing time, but now that I’m back and have quite a bit of time on my hands I’ll be aiming to get through this article and then speedily finish off January’s so everyone can be right up to date. December featured a relatively quiet month for Legacy, with the major tournaments being very scattered (the MKM Series Madrid, Nebraska’s War 3 and Japan’s Eternal Party 2015), along with the usual smattering of SCG Classics and the SCG Player’s Championship with its somewhat inbred metagame that a tournament of only sixteen players creates. Read More →

#RUGLyf: The RUG Delver Primer – Part 4: Game Play

It’s been a long time coming and has been awaited for quite some time, and I can only say I’m incredibly sorry for the delay. This is probably the most difficult and ambitious piece of the RUG Delver primer I’ve been assembling (if you haven’t seen Part 1, 2 and 3 yet, I recommend clicking away on to those!), as this will outline something more interesting and nuanced than simple card choices, or matchup analysis, so it’s been difficult to have time to sit down and finish it off due to the usual business of life – as well as due to being stranded in a foreign country with terrible internet and a busted laptop! Nonetheless, here it is! This part will outline the variety of in-game decisions that are common within RUG Delver (I think it’s unlikely I’ll be able to cover them all, of course), giving reference to a multitude of coverage matches and Magic Online matches by some excellent players. Like everyone reading, I also am a disciple of the beast that is RUG, and although watching myself screw up over and over would certainly be educational (and who knows, maybe I’ll get down to this sometime in the future) learning from those with proven track records is probably more worthwhile, especially when contextualised within the sections of this article. Those are, in order:

• The Opening Hand
• The Opening Turn
• The Mid-Game
• The End Game
• Effective Cantripping

Anyway, let’s begin! Read More →

This Month in Legacy (November 2015)

Hello once again everyone! We have a speedy article up for November to make up for October’s delayed one. This month, since we’ve covered a lot about GP SeaTac last month, we’ll be looking primarily at the fallout from that tournament and how the metagame has been shaping up since then, as well as review a bit of this month’s other major Legacy tournament, the SCG Open that occurred in Somerset, New Jersey.

But, for now, the usual charts!
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This Month in Legacy (October 2015) + GP SeaTac

Hello there everyone! Here’s another, albeit very belated, This Month in Legacy. I’d like to give my greatest apologies to everyone for being so slow in releasing this one – ideally I was hoping to get it out before GP SeaTac, ensuring the recent metagame trends were well-established for those going into the event. But, alas, my university exams said this was not to be. And here we are, post-SeaTac, with me talking about last month… So instead of having only our October statistics in this article, we’ll use this as a lead up to analysing some of the interesting lists that came out of the GP as a bit of bonus content. So strap yourselves in, this is going to be a long one!
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This Month in Legacy (September 2015)

Another month of Legacy has gone by and unfortunately it hasn’t been as filled as the previous months in terms of Opens or GPs. We’ve had a few large IQs, per usual, smatterings of tournaments around the globe and a few results from online – but as mentioned last month, Wizards have significantly reduced the results posted for Legacy Premier Events (but will be changing this in the days ahead, so yay, more data!).

Although there haven’t been any tournaments that were overly significant, there have been some format-defining changes that occurred on September 28.

Dig Through Time is banned.
Black Vise is unbanned.

Image Image

Dig Through Time has finally met its end, understandably so after its continued prevalence in almost every blue shell and its crowding out of non-blue strategies (even more so than usual). An interesting unbanning has also occurred. Black Vise has famously looked incredibly laughable on the Legacy ban list considering how powerful the format has become, and its unbanning is very sensible. Although it’s unlikely to affect the format substantially, it’s a nice card to now have in our card pool, and may found some brand-new archetypes.

We’ll discuss the ramifications of Dig’s banning on the format in a moment. However, before that we’ll look at the usual chart showing the highest placing decks of the month in both online and paper. The final memento of the Dig Through Time metagame.

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This Month in Legacy (August 2015)

Hello once again! We’ve had quite a month of Legacy recently, with two major events occurring – the SCG Open in Washington, DC and the Legacy Championship – so we’ve got a lot of data to scour through and a lot of new innovations to look at from those two large tournaments. The SCG Invitational in New Jersey also featured a Legacy component, with some interesting lists from there as well. Not to mention there’s been some interesting pieces of technology on both Magic Online and paper tournaments, per usual. Read More →

This Month in Legacy (July 2015)

Hello once again! Another month has gone by, and therefore there is another This Month in Legacy to be looked at! This month was very important because the second, and last, Legacy GP of the year has gone by. GP Lille was an excellent spectacle of new Legacy technology, proving to everyone that Dig Through Time is indeed strong, but there are a lot of powerful and unique things you can be doing to attack the metagame. And since it occurred at the beginning of the month, we have a lot of data from subsequent weeks to see how it has shaped the metagame. We also have a new set that has been released, Magic Origins, and with it some interesting new cards to play with. We’ll go through all that in a moment. For now, some statistics!

Firstly we’ll look at the composition of GP Lille down to the Top 16.

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