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**Its over 9000!** – A Temur Tower Primer

I like that Tezzeret. He has vision the other judges don’t. He sees the potential in what we’re making here.

Since Grand Prix Brisbane  I have returned to PPTQ grind and while it is probably the most unsatisfying and soul-crushing way to spend precious Saturdays, the joy of playing a Shota Yasooka designed deck makes it bearable. Read More →

Battling [personal] demons and heroes with Pack Rats – GP Brisbane Report

“I don’t feel a thing, and I stopped remembering,
These days are just like moments turned to hours,
Mother used to say, if you would you’d find a way,
But Mother never danced through fire showers…”


This is my Grand Prix Brisbane 2017 report. While I did not finish particularly well in the main event (133rd and no Pro Points), for many reasons the actual finish was unimportant and I consider the weekend an overwhelming personal success.
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Observations from the Games Laboratory Modern Grand Prix Trial

This weekend past I had the opportunity to watch the final two rounds and Top 8 of Games Laboratory’s GPT in Melbourne. Walking around the tables and talking to the participants there was a diverse field and everyone was having a good time.
With Modern no longer a Pro Tour format, there is not the regular content there once was. Still, the format remains very popular in Melbourne, evidenced by the strong turnout despite two other events running on the same day. Given the abundant enjoyment and enthusiasm in the room, I wanted to give a quick recap of what I observed. Read More →

Blue Black Tezzeret in Modern

Hi there Gray Merchant readers!
I have been playing Blue-Black Tezzeret featuring Thopter-Sword combo in the Modern League and received many questions about the deck. What follows is an introduction to the archetype. I don’t write much these days, so let me know if you found the format useful and please feel welcome to ask any questions in the comments section.
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On Cheating

I was caught cheating in the main event of Grand Prix Auckland in 2015 against my good friend Matt Rogers. I actually cheated before then too, against Wilfy Horig at a PPTQ. I have been thinking about both occasions a lot recently, as I am coming up to a full 12 months out of the game.

I was a cheater and I accept for a great many of you, I always will be. The point of this article therefore, is not to excuse or justify, or even to ask for forgiveness. We are past that point. Instead, I present my mildly sad story with the hope I can prevent another from doing the same, or if they already are, highlight the inevitable consequences.

I have been told cheating is the worst thing one can do in Magic. But behind the cheating is a person with thoughts and feelings. I do not believe anyone starts out wanting to cheat and I promise you any perceived advantage from doing so is not remotely worth it.

Why did I cheat? To (perhaps) understand, you need to know more about me. Read More →