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Magic: Origins in Modern and Legacy


The upcoming final ‘core’ set appears to have something for everyone, from competitive deckbuilders to the more casual EDH crowd. This article will examine a few of the cards with the potential to be the origin (sorry!) of changes to the older formats. Some of them have obvious application, whilst others are a little more enigmatic. There are likely to be more cards discussed for Modern, due to the lower barrier to entry, but we’ve done our best to find a good spread! Read More →

Modern Thoughts and Report


With the new PPTQ season underway, a lot of eyes will be on the Modern format over the next two months. I wrote a brief commentary on what to expect from a local PPTQ and I’ll be revisiting that in the context of a recent Modern 1k.

The 50-player event, hosted by Games Laboratory in Melbourne, was roughly the size of a PPTQ and provides some talking points to inform the decisions for a prospective PPTQ player. I made a fairly sweeping statement in my previous article that I’d like to reiterate here (paraphrased):

People want to play magic and will attend any event that they reasonably can

Possibly not the valuable insight you were looking for, but the tournament metagame made it very clear to me the accuracy of that statement. The local Melbourne community contains a large number of people who are keen to participate in events and play Modern, which is great!

Some of them are competitive players who play all the formats regardless. Many others are interested in trying out the larger card pool and broader strategies that older formats offer. I met a significant amount of people who had borrowed decks, made budget card choices or were playing Modern for the first time. Read More →

Melbourne Modern PPTQs


The upcoming PPTQ season is predominantly going to feature the Modern format. There will be a few Sealed PPTQs but if you plan to be grinding away for qualification to the RPTQ (held in Auckland) you’ll need to be familiar with Modern. This article contains a broad overview of what Modern looks like in Melbourne as well as some general principles for trying the format for the next two months. Read More →