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Izzet the best deck in Standard? PPTQ Win

On Tuesday 9th of May I went on MTGGoldfish and found this Blue-Red Dynavolt Tower control list. I decided I’d build it and give it a go. There was a local standard event that night at NLG Moonee Ponds and the first time I ever picked up the deck I went 4-0 with it, beating Mardu Vehicles, Mono-Black Zombies, Green-Black Delirium and Red-Green Monsters. Straight away I thought to myself: “This deck has a lot of potential!”, but quickly identified it had some weaknesses too. Read More →

Welcome to Legucci

Why should you play Legacy? (or Legucci as we call it in Melbourne).

The format is expensive, no one plays it, and it’s all full of turn 1 wins. The players are probably insufferable and look down upon all those who play Modern and Standard because they can’t afford Legacy…right?

Not quite. Read More →

This Month in Legacy (March / April 2016)

Don’t worry, this is still happening! I’ve been absurdly busy over the past few months though, and haven’t had time to focus on the Legacy articles – but I’ll still aim to get these done on a semi-regular basis, at least! So for this recent article I’ll be covering both March and April and how the metagame progressed over those two months. So lots of content! Enjoy it!

March’s Results

The online metagame in March hummed along with its recent trend of Eldrazi and Miracles at the top. Interestingly, Miracles has still edged out its Eldrazi opposition (seen as a typically unfavourable matchup) with greater 5-0 appearances. Other interesting developments in this month are Shardless and BUG Delver’s strong presence (edging out Grixis, for once), with Abrupt Decay getting a strong nod due to its ability to be a clean answer to the Eldrazi and Miracles lock pieces. Storm variants lack of presence online also shows how Eldrazi has shaken up the metagame significantly, though ultra-fast combo decks like Belcher, who get under lock pieces, have seen a little bit of an uptick. Also interesting is the continuous 5-0s of a certain player on Bant Stoneblade, which we’ll look at later. Read More →

Observations from the Games Laboratory Modern Grand Prix Trial

This weekend past I had the opportunity to watch the final two rounds and Top 8 of Games Laboratory’s GPT in Melbourne. Walking around the tables and talking to the participants there was a diverse field and everyone was having a good time.
With Modern no longer a Pro Tour format, there is not the regular content there once was. Still, the format remains very popular in Melbourne, evidenced by the strong turnout despite two other events running on the same day. Given the abundant enjoyment and enthusiasm in the room, I wanted to give a quick recap of what I observed. Read More →

This Month in Legacy (February 2016)

Welcome once again to This Month in Legacy!

With March just wrapping up I have all of February’s statistics compiled, and with them I have a lot to talk about as the metagame has shifted drastically in the wake of quite a few large tournaments, such as SCG Open Philadelphia, Bazaar of Moxen Madrid and Top’s and MKM’s tournaments in Milan, as well as the appearance of a new Tier 1 strategy! So yes, now is quite an exciting time to be jamming Legacy!

Let’s look at the statistics from both Online and Paper:

The most marked change is the newest competitor in Legacy dethroning Miracles’ presence online, and closely challenging the most dominant archetype in Paper as well. Read More →

Modern in March – The Rise and Rise of Dr. Owner

I wrote last time that Modern was looking bleak. Eldrazi were everywhere, and still are. Not just the absurd numbers put up at PTOGW. Fourteen decks across the top 24 GP decks this weekend (3 different GPs). Eleven of the top 16 at a Modern online PTQ. Twenty of the top 32 at the latest SCG Open. Four of the top 8 at a 79-player GPT two weekends ago. When it isn’t winning the event, it’s losing in the finals. This deck has already warped the format. So what do we do about it?

We don’t waste valuable thinking time wishing for bans (The Secret is still a thing, right?). These will happen in due course. But until then, we need to work out how the deck works to work out how to beat it.
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