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This Month in Legacy (November 2015)

Hello once again everyone! We have a speedy article up for November to make up for October’s delayed one. This month, since we’ve covered a lot about GP SeaTac last month, we’ll be looking primarily at the fallout from that tournament and how the metagame has been shaping up since then, as well as review a bit of this month’s other major Legacy tournament, the SCG Open that occurred in Somerset, New Jersey.

But, for now, the usual charts!
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This Month in Legacy (October 2015) + GP SeaTac

Hello there everyone! Here’s another, albeit very belated, This Month in Legacy. I’d like to give my greatest apologies to everyone for being so slow in releasing this one – ideally I was hoping to get it out before GP SeaTac, ensuring the recent metagame trends were well-established for those going into the event. But, alas, my university exams said this was not to be. And here we are, post-SeaTac, with me talking about last month… So instead of having only our October statistics in this article, we’ll use this as a lead up to analysing some of the interesting lists that came out of the GP as a bit of bonus content. So strap yourselves in, this is going to be a long one!
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Jeskai Dragons Deck Tech and Play by Paul Mitchell and Tom Clift

Paul Mitchell and Tom Clift Bring us their choice for BFZ Standard – Jeskai Dragons

Spells: (16)
Ojutai’s Command
Draconic Roar
Valorous Stance
Jeskai Charm
Fiery Impulse
Dig Through Time

Creatures: (19)
Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy
Soulfire Grand Master
Dragonmaster Outcast
Mantis Rider
Dragonlord Ojutai
Thunderbreak Regent

Land: (25)
Cinder Glade
Haven of the Spirit Dragon
Mystic Monastary
Polluted Delta
Prairie Stream
Smouldering Marsh
Windswept Heath
Sideboard: (15)
Disdainful Stroke
Displacement Wave
Dragonlord’s Prerogative
Radient Flames
Fiery impulse

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Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar: A Mulch perspective

Hello whoever you are,

TGM Editor Molly Rowe has been bugging me to write a tournament report from the recent Pro Tour: Battle for Zendikar. Since I’m unorganised I have 12 hours in an airport to kill, so may as well do this tournament report. When I read tournament reports I don’t really care about the games, I just want the life stuff. All the stories, so that’s how I’m going to present this one. I think I’ll just write it through as it happened, see how that goes.


Suppose I’ll start with how I qualified. I finished 11-5 at the previous Pro Tour, which I heard one pro call a “min qual”. That’s a little bit degrading. Didn’t feel minimal to me…I mean technically that IS the minimum result you can get at a PT to qualify you for the next one. Not sure how long it’s been like that but wizards changed it from ‘top 25′ to ’11-5 or better’, which I was pretty damn happy about.
I’ve been in Canada since then, just holidaying about. I’m actually on a working visa but in light of qualifying for PT Battle for Zendikar, I chose to take the opportunity to do a few GP’s around it and visit friends rather than finding work (YOLO). It has been unsettling not having an address or income. The uncertainty has definitely played on my mind and wasn’t good for my Pro Tour mentality. Read More →

Breaking Down Pro Tour BFZ

Post-Pro Tour Standard Breakdown

The Pro Tour has come and gone, and we are left with dozens of decklists to copy, video archives to watch, and soon, plenty of analysis of the event. This Pro Tour featured a stacked top 8, and the most anti-climactic match of Magic ever, as 10-time PT Top 8 Competitor Paolo Vitor Damo Da Rosa mulliganed a bunch against 15-time PT Top 8 Competitor John Finkel. The quarter final between Ricky Chin and Ryochi Tamada, on the other hand, is probably the best match of broadcast MTG I have ever seen, and should be at the top of your post-PT viewing list.

It can be found here

Today, however, I want to go through what the PT results mean for Standard. I will try to avoid speculating about how likely different decks are to be picked up, and will instead try to look at some of the numbers and theory behind what did well and why. I’m assuming that you, dear reader, are passingly familiar with the deck lists found here. For what it’s worth, one team broke it for this Pro Tour… but it’s not who you think! Read More →

Custom Card Creation: Dreamscape Crack-a-Pack Stories

I’m currently in the middle a another round of playtesting my custom card set Dreamscape so I thought I’d share with everyone some of the stories and changes behind certain cards, what lessons I learnt from them, and what I’m keeping an eye on right now as I continue to playtest. However I’m also a big fan of limited formats and card evaluation and I know that not everyone cares about the minor design details behind every card so I’m mixing this with another common MtG article format, The Crack-a-Pack. So strap in for a bit on an experiment as I showcase a Dreamscape booster and dissect each card from both a design and limited standpoint.

But first if you not familiar with the cards in Dreamscape then feel free to take a look through the Dreamscape Visual Spoiler, or if your feeling brave you can try evaluating the cards without context first and then see how the full context may change your opinions.

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Pro Tour Prognostics

Ah, those glorious days between the release of a new set and its corresponding Pro Tour. No articles unpicking the intricacies of common match-ups – we still don’t know what the best decks are. No MODO footage of Pro players picking up brand new decks and muddling through them on stream – the new set has only just gone online. In a world overwhelmed with information, there is precious little available about the current Standard format.

Today, I’m going to try to sketch out the limits of the format. What restrictions are imposed upon successful decks? It’s not the mana, as we can happily play four or even five colours off the absurd Fetch and Tango lands (though fewer colours is still faster). Instead, this format is limited by the removal available. Read More →

Playing Modern in Standard

Battle for Zendikar Standard has just begun and it will be interesting to see what this new set will contribute to the standard environment.

Many decks will transition easily into the new format – Abzan aggro, Mono Red, various Dragons decks – which keep many of their important cards. Beyond that, experienced pilots will know how to update them, to keep their deck functionally similar (albeit honed for a new metagame).

My inspiration is not, however, coming from Standard past. Some of the uncommon, and even common, offerings from BFZ have me looking a little further afield. Read More →

This Month in Legacy (September 2015)

Another month of Legacy has gone by and unfortunately it hasn’t been as filled as the previous months in terms of Opens or GPs. We’ve had a few large IQs, per usual, smatterings of tournaments around the globe and a few results from online – but as mentioned last month, Wizards have significantly reduced the results posted for Legacy Premier Events (but will be changing this in the days ahead, so yay, more data!).

Although there haven’t been any tournaments that were overly significant, there have been some format-defining changes that occurred on September 28.

Dig Through Time is banned.
Black Vise is unbanned.

Image Image

Dig Through Time has finally met its end, understandably so after its continued prevalence in almost every blue shell and its crowding out of non-blue strategies (even more so than usual). An interesting unbanning has also occurred. Black Vise has famously looked incredibly laughable on the Legacy ban list considering how powerful the format has become, and its unbanning is very sensible. Although it’s unlikely to affect the format substantially, it’s a nice card to now have in our card pool, and may found some brand-new archetypes.

We’ll discuss the ramifications of Dig’s banning on the format in a moment. However, before that we’ll look at the usual chart showing the highest placing decks of the month in both online and paper. The final memento of the Dig Through Time metagame.

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