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Building a Better Sealed

One of the most consistent complaints I hear about any form of magic is that Sealed is too luck based. If you open well, you will win and if you have a bad pool, there’s nothing you can do. While this can help or hinder your chances of doing well, I strongly believe a strong finish in sealed is better influenced by knowledge of the format, and in fact demands a very different skillset to that of Draft or Constructed. Read More →

Custom Card Creation: Dreamscape Overview

A Reddit Occurrence

For those of you who have listened to my podcast or seen me post on the MTGsalvation forums, you may know that I’ve been working on a custom MtG card set called Dreamscape for the last 6-8 months. This is a full 255 card large set designed for limited play and a hypothetical standard environment. I’ve been hosting physical playtest drafts using sleeved proxies to create booster packs as well as doing online sealed events using Cockatrice and Webdrafter. Read More →

This Month in Legacy (July 2015)

Hello once again! Another month has gone by, and therefore there is another This Month in Legacy to be looked at! This month was very important because the second, and last, Legacy GP of the year has gone by. GP Lille was an excellent spectacle of new Legacy technology, proving to everyone that Dig Through Time is indeed strong, but there are a lot of powerful and unique things you can be doing to attack the metagame. And since it occurred at the beginning of the month, we have a lot of data from subsequent weeks to see how it has shaped the metagame. We also have a new set that has been released, Magic Origins, and with it some interesting new cards to play with. We’ll go through all that in a moment. For now, some statistics!

Firstly we’ll look at the composition of GP Lille down to the Top 16.

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Magic: The Travelling

Play the game, see the convention centres.

That certainly doesn’t have to be the case – it can absolutely be more like the original tagline from WotC – Play the game, see the world, this however was not such a trip. Read More →