4-0 Decks from Melbourne BFZ Midnight Prerelease

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Here are some of the interesting decks that went 4-0 at the Games Laboratory BFZ Midnight Prerelease

Simon Harnden

Sweet Blue/Green Good Stuff
Best Card: Kiora (Duh)

Best Common/Uncommon: Benthic Infiltrator or Tajuru Warcaller
Most Surprising: Dampening Pulse – It nullifies the scions, allows your 2/3s and 2/4s to be much better and trade more efficiently in an already low powered set.
Insights: The format is more about going wide than over the top. Or using evasion. Prioritise flying and unblockable when drafting or try to go wide with scion generators.

Dean Williams

Dean Williams

Best Card: Grip of Desolation
Best Common/Uncommon: Grip of Desolation
Most Surprising: Fathom Feeders- no one was ever willing to trade with it.
Insights: The format is very slow, the 5 and 6 drops are huge road blocks and an aggro deck probably isn’t feasible in sealed.

Reuben Brazil Covington

Note: The glare whited out the bottom right card which is an Expeditions Sacred Foundry
Reuben 1
Best Card: Guardian of Tazeem
Best Common/Uncommon: Eldrazi Skyspawner
Most Surprising: Spell Shrivel



Best Card: Spell Shrivel
Best Common/Uncommon: Spell Shrivel
Most Surprising: Scour From Existence
Insights: His deck took advantage of other people tapping out for their threats and despite running very few creatures, consistently got there.

Daniel Hohaus

Daniel Hohaus 2

Best Card: Brood Butcher
Best Common/Uncommon: Catacomb Sifter
Most Surprising: Eyeless Watcher

Stewart Barker

Stewart Barker
Best Card: Kozilek’s Channeller
Best Common/Uncommon: Kozilek’s Channeller
Most Surprising: Kozilek’s Channeller

  • Anonymous

    In the first 4-0 deck, is Simon really splashing for the 1 white instant, if so do you remember his mana breakdown for G,U,W?

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