Prostate Cancer and Legucci? It’s time to duel!

What do these polar opposites of the world have in common? Historically nothing, but at 11am on Sunday March the 12th they will when Melbourne magic players will unite and battle out some Legucci** for their chance at winning a Judge Foil Rishadan Port and some Revised Dual Lands, all in the aims raising money and awareness for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Good readers, I present to you, Duals for Jewels!

I’m willing to wager that the vast majority of people reading this drivel own a prostate. I’m the sort of person to laugh at absolutely anything, but Prostate cancer is no joke. Did you know if you have to get your Prostate removed, you’ll lose a couple of inches off your gentleman sausage? When you’re not starting off with much, this is the stuff of nightmares, ya feel?

We are not all immortal, nor are we all research-scientists, but what we can do is raise some money for the cause remind ourselves that we should start looking after our health more and getting more regular checkups. That we can do this by playing Legucci is not only the cherry on top, but the icing, the pastry and the cream.

The die-hard legucci players are already sorted, they know the format like you know how your Death’s Shadow interacts with Tarfire targeting yourself or that you can’t Lightning Bolt a Looter Scooter the next time you have priority after it’s been cast without it being crewed (I tried to do that once lol). Legucci is a hard format to get into if you’ve never played it, so to promote this event, what I propose is to outline the format for you as succinctly as possible and suggest decks.


There’s one thing you need to know about Legucci. You’re either playing Brainstorm or you’re not. At this stage in my Legucci playing career, I am firmly on the side of “you should be playing Brainstorm.” Should it be banned? Yes. Will it ever be banned? No. You have to make peace with this and move on. I haven’t, but do as I say and not as I do.

The total sum of non-brainstorm decks I would ever advise playing (if you are playing to win) are Death and Taxes, R/B Reanimator and Elves. I’ll throw Phil Unwin a bone and mention Lands as well.  I may have built my name in the community originally as a Goblins player but those were different times. If you want to have fun however, there are a million playable decks out there for you.

So what deck to play then? What I think will be the easiest way to do this will be to look at the deck you like in Modern, and to play something similar.

Do you like Griselbrand decks? Reanimator might be the deck for you, R/B and B/U/X Reanimator are both very powerful decks.

Did you like Splinter Twin? If you like A+B combos, Sneak and Show is your deck. If you liked the tempo aspect of it, then any of the Delver decks are fine. I am particularly fond of BURG Delver and of a new Grixis Delver list I have worked on, which I have posted at the bottom. BUG Delver (aka Team America) and RUG Delver (aka Canadian Threshold) are also fine choices. It should be obvious that if you like Delver in Modern, you will probably like it in Legucci where the deck is actually um… good.

Do you like Elves? Well…Elves in Legucci is nucking futs. Green Sun’s Zenith, Gaea’s Cradle, Glimpse of Nature and Natural Order are insane additions to the deck, not to mention the “best friends team” of Elvish Visionary and Wirewood Symbiote. Who needs Brainstorm when you can literally just draw 2 extra cards a turn off of a single Symbiote and a single Visionary? You definitely won’t see any rubbish like Collected Company in Legucci Elves. 4 mana to get 2 elves? How about 4 mana and get Craterhoof Behemoth or Progenitus. Seems way better right?!

Do you like Infect? Well guess what, Gitaxian Probe isn’t banned in Legucci and while you’re there, how about some free countermagic in Daze and Force of Will and some pump spells on steroids: Invigorate and Beserk? I can see you salivating already.

U/W Control? Miracles baby. For players fond of the traditional, draw-go, counter-everything-you-play decks, this is utopia. It’s also probably the best deck in the format too! Miracles is the last of it’s kind across any format. If you’re looking for a place to play control, Miracles and the Duals for the Jewels is the best time for you to jump right into the format!

R/W Prison? Look no further than Stawberry Shortcake, aka Imperial Painter which has the neat combo of Painter’s Servant and Grindstone. You also get to play 1 mana instant speed Vindicates with Red Elemental Blast and Pyroblast and a Painter set on blue. Tell me that ain’t cool.

Were you one of the few who actually enjoyed Eldrazi in Modern? Well I have good news for you, that deck gets even better in Legucci, thanks to it’s to Ancient Tomb and City of Traitors.

Last but not least Jund. If you like Jund in Modern, then there are two decks I will recommend. Firstly, you can just play Legucci Jund which is basically Modern Jund with Deathrite Shaman + Bloodbraid Elf + Punishing Fire and Hymn to Tourach with a better manabase or you can play Blue Jund i.e Shardless Bug.

Shardless Bug was originally a Gerry Thompson brew deck based around the interaction between Shardless Agent into anything. How does t2 Shardless Agent -> Hymn to Tourach, t3 Shardless Agent -> Ancestral Visions sound? If you love a good deal, this is the deck for you.

How about you Storm-combo players? Sick of being on the brunt of literally every ban to hit Modern?  Ad Nauseam Tendrils aka ANT is one of the most powerful yet complicated decks in the format. Dark Ritual, Dark Ritual, Lions Eye Diamond, Lions Eye Diamond, cast Infernal Tutor-hold priority, crack both Lions Eye Diamonds, get Past in Flames? An absolute wet dream if there ever was one for storm players. Just make sure to hit up any of the Melbourne masters for their help before the event. Lukas Diem, Jesse Bartle or Mike Webb are all exceptional pilots.

Merfolk in Legucci? Add Force of Will, Daze and True-Name Nemesis to your Modern deck and you’re set to go.

Last but not least, the G/W/X players. There are many many decks to choose from that play a similar style, but I would recommend either Death and Taxes or Junk-Blade. Both are very powerful decks despite looking like they are made up of the worst cards you’ve ever seen in your life, Death and Taxes especially.

I am no expert on Modern, so if you have a particular deck that you like playing that I haven’t mentioned, please feel free to message me on Facebook or comment below.

So I’ve tried to find you a deck. But are you a bit lazy, tired, lethargic or all of the above? Have no fear, Steve’s here to tell you what to play!

Here are the three decks I would recommend at giving you the best shot at winning.

Show and Tell

This is in my opinion, the most powerful deck in the format thanks to one card: Show and Tell. 2U, make 15 mana? I’ll be honest, in my ideal Legucci, Show and Tell would be banned. If you want to know why, please just watch the first game of this match:


Yes, it is beatable but you really do have to try and no deck will beat this deck’s nut draws. If Delver of Secrets is comparable to a Formula 1 racer, then Show and Tell is Top-Fuel Dragster. No subtlety at all and it’s not interested in playing anything but its own game plan. Luckily it has enough raw power that it doesn’t care. It’s also not very hard to play. Brainstorm/Ponder/Preordain into the “combo” or protection for it and go off. It doesn’t require a great deal of knowledge of the format to play well, and for that reason, it’s my number 1 pick for you. But seriously, please don’t play this deck, it makes my prostate ache. Just ask Pro-Player-Justin-Ventura.

Death and Taxes

Second on the list is a long time standby deck of mine, Death and Taxes. This is a great deck for beginners to the format because it actually resembles a normal Magic deck. 23 lands, 26 creatures, 11 Spells. Perfect.

At its core, Death and Taxes is a prison/control deck, which makes full use of Æther Vial, Rishadan Port, Wasteland and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben to control their opponent’s proactively and restrict them from carrying out their game. You then clean them up with Stoneforge Mystic and the 3 pieces of equipment: Batterskull, Sword of Fire and Ice and Umezawa’s Jitte. All three cards are usually able to deal with whatever the situation at hand is. Combine all this with cards like Flickerwisp, Phyrexian Revoker, Sanctum Prelate and Mother of Runes, and your opponent is bound to have a shit one if you execute your game plan well enough. I have over-simplified it as a deck, but that’s close enough. Put a sword on a Serra Avenger/Flickerwisp/Mirran Crusader, Bash, ????, Profit.

Death and Taxes is famously known for having the best matchup against Sneak and Show of all the decks in Legucci because of it’s ability to completely lock them out from playing magic. Phyrexian Revoker set to Sneak Attack and having a Karakas in play is the complete lock out for Sneak and Show. Pretty neat for a deck that on the surface looks like a white weenie deck. Sneak and Show players will legitimately dedicate half their sideboard to trying to beat DnT, that’s how bad the matchup is lol.

The one thing to note is that this deck can be easily hated out on, and is a known quantity in Legucci. Cards like Dread of Night, Sulfur Elemental and Null Rodcan really make your life hell as the Death and Taxes players, and there are some cards like True-Name Nemesis that you can’t do anything about, outside of racing or gaining life off of Jitte or Batterskull. You also have to play fair magic, aka – you draw one card a turn, maybe two if you’re lucky and Sword of Fire and Ice are going. Recruiter of the Guard has been an insane addition to the deck, but it’s not quite Brainstorm and Ponder. I say this not to frighten you though. When piloted well it is easily amongst the top 5 most powerful decks in Legucci. There are tales of an ancient legend called Sean Brown. Legends say that he used to write for this very website and that he has an inability to lose when he is playing Death and Taxes. These are of course rumours and cannot be unsubstantiated but… well take a look for yourself or ask sensei Stephen Tang. He still suffers to this day from PTSBS – Post Traumatic Sean Brown Syndrome.

The skill level required to play this deck is quite high, and is in my opinion the most skill-intensive deck to play of the three named. What to name with Revoker, when to use Mother of Runes, when to use Flickerwisp and what on, what to name with Sanctum Prelate etc. These are all decisions that won’t be obvious in your first foray into Legucci but will come with time and practice.

With all that said, Death and Taxes is number two on this list of decks I would recommend for the new-comer.

True-Name Bug

The newest addition to the Legucci family, True-Name Bug is built around the premise of jamming out powerful threats ahead of the curve, and having just enough disruption to keep your opponent at bay while you kill them. Thanks to it’s 8 mana dorks in Noble Hierarch and Deathrite Shaman, the deck can consistently power out a turn 2 Leovold, Emissary of Trest or True-Name Nemesis followed by a turn 3 Jace, the Mind Sculptor.

Abrupt Decay is a fantastic answer to most permanents played in the format and True-Name Nemesis is one of the best threats in Legucci. Backed up by Deathrite Shaman and Noble Hierarch, this deck clocks it’s opponents surprisingly quickly without having to invest too deeply into doing so.

This deck was created by Reid Duke and actually won the last Legucci GP in Louisville, which attests to the strength of the deck when piloted by capable hands. The skill-ceiling on this deck is not to be under-stated as you are still playing a fair game at the end of the day but it’s not like you’re going to struggle with casting a turn 2 True-Name Nemesis either, so I still think it is a fantastic option for someone starting out in the format. You get to play Legucci all-stars like Brainstorm and Force of Will alongside the newer players of the format in Deathrite Shaman and Fatal Push. What could go wrong?

So what will I be playing?

Above I mentioned a Grixis Delver list I’ve been working on. Traditionally, Grixis Delver decks have been built on the back of Young Pyromancer and it’s synergy with Gitaxian Probe and Cabal Therapy. Because you are able to churn through your deck so quickly and fill your graveyard up so quickly, the deck then gets to power out fast Gurmag Anglers. I however am not a fan of decks with so much air in them and think that Gurmag Angler is presently positioned very poorly.

I have played BURG Delver for a little while now and took it to the Top 8 at Cancon but only being able to play 1 Tombstalker wasn’t cutting it for me. The shaky manabase was also a bit problematic and relied a bit too much on a turn 1 Deathrite Shaman living. By cutting out the maindeck Abrupt Decays, I was able to lean the deck down into it’s current iteration.

In it’s first run I managed to 4-0 one of our Weekly Legucci events, beating BUG Midrange, Death and Taxes, 4 Colour Nic-Fit and ANT. It’s second run well.. every dog has his day and that’s all that needs to be said :/.

So with all that out the way, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, I present to you, Team Australia!

(Credit to Rob Gascard)

Creatures: (13)
Deathrite Shaman
Delver of Secrets
Snapcaster Mage
True-Name Nemesis

Instants: (25)
Fatal Push
Force of Will
Lightning Bolt
Spell Pierce
Spell Snare

Sorcery: (4)

Land: (18)
Polluted Delta
Scalding Tarn
Tropical Island
Underground Sea
Volcanic Island
Sideboard: (15)
Abrupt Decay
Ancient Grudge
Umezawa's Jitte
Painful Truths
Red Elemental Blast
Sulfur Elemental
Surgical Extraction

I really am truly excited about this newer build of Grixis Delver. While 18 lands may seem greedy, the power of Brainstorm, Ponder and Deathrite Shaman make that a non-issue.

What separates Team Australia from other Delver decks is that it gets to play Stifle, Wasteland and Lightning Bolt like RUG Delver does but it also gets to play good threats like Tombstalker and True-Name Nemesis like BUG Delver does. It could probably use a 19th land but testing so far has proven 18 lands to be fine.

Like any other Delver deck, this is a 50-50 deck. It isn’t highly favoured or highly un-favoured against anything. It can beat absolutely anything, but you have to play absolutely correctly to do so. Delver decks are in my opinion the biggest punisher of mistakes as one mistake is usually lights out. The overall card quality is pretty low but when you thread that needle just so… boy what a feeling. The other attraction to me is that it gets to play 2 Tombstalkers which is just the cats pyjamas. A 5/5 flyer for 2 mana? I’ll take it. I’ll race your True-Name Nemesis all day long mate.

So there we have it folks. I hope to see many/all of you at the Duals for Jewels tournament on 12th March, Next Level Games in Moonee Ponds. The event will be 100% proxy as it’s not a real event and is being hosted by The Salt Mine: An Australian Legacy Podcast. Please do hit me up if you have any questions about Legucci, what deck to play, your list or for more details about the event.


1st Judge Foil Rishadan Port
2nd Revised Badlands
3rd & 4th Revised Plateau
5th – 8th Foil Pyroblast

Event Details

Where: Next Level Games Moonee Ponds: 109 Buckley Street, Moonee Ponds. Essendon Station is a 1 minute walk from the store as well for those taking public transport.
When: 11am Sunday, 12/03/2017.
Format: Legucci** (Same banlist as Legacy except Goblin Firebug is also banned). Let’s make it clear, this isn’t a Legacy tournament, this is a Legucci tournament and has been run and organised soley by members of the community alongside The Salt Mine.
Sanctioned: As Legucci is not a sanctioned format no. This means you may have as many proxies as you like, as long as they are neat, legible and clear. Please message me directly if you have any questions about what is allowed for proxies.

For more information, please check out the facebook event:

Hope to see you all there.

Much Love,


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