This Month in Legacy (May 2015)

Hello there! Despite me wishing that I could have the fancy Burn article I promised last week ready for you guys, writing has unfortunately taken a backseat for the sake of University commitments. However I can’t let a month go past without a This Month in Legacy being written! So here it is! Read More →

Melbourne Modern PPTQs


The upcoming PPTQ season is predominantly going to feature the Modern format. There will be a few Sealed PPTQs but if you plan to be grinding away for qualification to the RPTQ (held in Auckland) you’ll need to be familiar with Modern. This article contains a broad overview of what Modern looks like in Melbourne as well as some general principles for trying the format for the next two months. Read More →

This Month in Legacy (April 2015)

I am back for some discussion about Legacy. This week we have a slightly (very) delayed This Month in Legacy article, talking about the trends in the Legacy metagame for April 2015. In April we saw a Legacy GP in April (won by Miracles) which is always a big event, as well as lots of innovation within tournaments across the globe and online. Let’s dig in! Read More →

Introduction to Modern 2015

It was the best of formats, it was the worst of formats. Wizards is trying very hard to create an affordable eternal format, and the product of this experiment is Modern. From its not-quite-eternal card pool to its extensive and shifting ban list, it is a format full of possibility.

With a season of PPTQs and an associated Pro Tour on the horizon, Modern is steadily becoming a relevant format for much of the year. Whilst it will never achieve the popularity of Standard, if you plan on playing the competitive events available in your area, you will find yourself sleeving up a Modern deck sooner than you might think. Read More →

Custom Card Creation: An introduction

What is custom mtg card creation?

Have you ever played a match of magic and thought to yourself: “I wish a card like [BLANK] existed.”?

Maybe you think a UB sphinx would be really cool for your commander deck, or you want a Crux of Fate that says Allies instead of Dragons or maybe you just wish your favourite minor character like Tiagam deserved a card. Read More →

Abzan ‘Aggro’ – Card Choices and Deckbuilding – Part II

And… I’m back with the second part of this currently open-ended series on how to build Abzan Aggro in Standard. Maybe I’ll write about how to play this deck too at some point, but at the moment it seems like I’ve got a lot to say about card choices and lists before I can even think about getting into gameplay. Due to writing/editing/publishing etc. taking some time, these articles are and will continue to be a little behind the metagame, so let’s preface today’s installment with the metagame last week’s decklist was built for. Read More →

Left-Right-Left: What’s the Pick?!

Hi there and welcome to Left-Right-Left, a theme of articles focused on my favourite format of MTG… Drafting! For this week we kick off a reoccurring article where I want you to imagine the following scenario:

You’ve sit down at the draft table and you’re itching to open up a crisp, fresh pack of Dragons of Tarkir. You rip it open and flick through the cards, processing each and every one in hopes you can answer that one nagging question… WHAT’S THE PICK?!

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