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An exercise in confusing headlines preceding hundreds of words you probably won’t read by Leo Byron.


Hello! This is the paragraph in which I introduce myself and attempt to woo you into continuing to read instead of skipping to the end, shrugging, and closing your Google Chrome tab. I presume if you’re still here that you’re expecting big things, but instead, I intend to let you down. Immediately. I’m even going to start a new paragraph now, just to make this introduction worse. Read More →

An Introduction to Legacy (Or How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love Brainstorm)

Hi there, it’s Sean here again, and I’ll be talking about, once again, Legacy! I’ve gone through recently two different things in my articles: firstly, I began by outlining my favorite Legacy deck, Death & Taxes, and finished its primer with last week’s article. I also outlined trends in the Legacy metagame in March 2015. However, there was one problem with these – these assumed prior knowledge of Legacy! Read More →

Abzan ‘Aggro’ – Card Choices and Deckbuilding – Part I

Hi Everyone! My name is Walter and today we’re discussing standard.
I’ve recently been playing a variety of Abzan builds which range from very aggressive to quite midrange-y strategies. After racking up my third PPTQ Top 8 with the deck last weekend, I figured it’d be as good a time as any to write about the deck. Instead of just coming up with a tournament report or a deck tech of my current list, I’m going to do something different and hopefully more helpful and interesting here: I’ll go through the huge range of card choices available to Anafenza’s loyal followers and group them according to different constraints the deckbuilder is likely to face during their struggle for an optimally tuned 75. Read More →

I Think I’m Turning Into a Dragon

Hi everyone, Adrian here.

While I’m no dragon-master like Mr. Kibler, I do love beating down with some dragons, and I’m sure some of you out there do too. Today I’m going to be discussing some standard brews and net decks focusing on a Dragon tribal theme. I think a good place to start is with Jeff Hoogland’s UR Dragons deck that helped him to finish 15th at the SCG Invitational in Richmond. There is a lot to like about this list, but how about we take a look at it before breaking it down.
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Color Pie: An in-depth guide

Colour Pie: An in-depth guide

Welcome to the first in a series of design articles by Reuben Covington. While we are starting with simple stuff, it’s important to get the fundamentals spot on before delving into more complex ideas and their application. If you ever wanted to build your own magic set, or wanted to understand a bit more about game design and development, this series is for you. Read More →

This Month in Legacy (March 2015)

Hi Guys!

Today I’ll be looking at the recent changes that have been occurring in the Legacy metagame this month. This is especially important with the latest Melbourne Legacy League about to begin, and I highly recommend anyone even vaguely interested in Legacy to use this league to get familiar with the format! Read More →

Legacy Primer Series: Death & Taxes – Part II

I return today with some more stories to tell of small white creatures and the cards that accompany them. Yes, I shall be continuing my primer on Death & Taxes. Last week I outlined my current list and outlined the core of cards that should be included in any baseline Death & Taxes list. Today I’ll be outlining alternative options to fill in the deck’s flex slots, and will also go through my current sideboard. There’s a lot to go through, so let’s begin!
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Brewing with Dragons of Tarkir

Dragons and a powerful 5 drop Planeswalker that spews out more dragons? Sign me up!

Hi, I’m Sam Karopoulos. You might know me as that guy who always draws triple Stormbreath Dragon, or as that guy whose decklists always inexplicably contain Evolving Wilds, but today I’m here to write about some of the brews Dragons of Tarkir has inspired me to work on. Dragons of Tarkir has a tonne of exciting cards for Standard and while there are some cards like Thunderbreak Regent which slot straight into decks, most of the new cards have a bit more depth. So let’s dive into evaluating them!
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GP Auckland Report – Top 64

Hey everyone! I’m Nathan, a Melbourne-based Magic player. I’ve been playing Magic competitively for the past couple of years. GP Auckland was the fifth GP I’ve attended and the first I’ve been to outside of Australia. I’ve had a small amount of success at the GP level with a top 64 in Sydney 2013 and top 16 in Melbourne 2014 and I was hoping to add to that in Auckland. With that out of the way, on to the report.
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