Week One: Green/White Aggro

I heard Dragons of Tarkir is about to be released and there’s supposed to be dragons in that set. Well, I don’t care for dragons at all, but there’s some other goodies for us non-scale-aficionados. As you might know I am rather committed to the colours of the Abzan clan (or at least two of them in the same deck), and there’s some presents to collect and enjoy in good company with a nice dinner, a tasty brew etc. etc.
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The Anti-Junk Junk – An overlong deck tech

Modern is a sweet Magic format. Looking at the current metagame, there’s two main issues that challenge this statement: the return to the almighty B/G/x overlords following the recent bannings and the popularity, consistency and increased power level of linear burn strategies.

According to the metagame data the guys at Masters of Modern gathered, these two decks make up nearly a quarter of this format together. The third elephant in the room, URx Splinter Twin, is also heavily played and with the other two strategies forms a clear trio of top decks one needs to have a solid plan against.

The idea is to join them, but not quite. This is obviously nothing new and has been demonstrated by Jacob Wilson (and others) who rocked the recent Modern Pro Tour with a creature-heavy version of Junk that was built to specifically address the match-up against ‘regular’ Junk decks. While it also has a decent shot against Burn (arguably better than stock Junk), it lacks enough meaningful interaction to keep up with Twin.
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Legacy Primer Series: Death & Taxes – Part I

Hello there! I’m Sean, and in my articles I will be delving primarily into eternal formats.

Although Standard can be an excellent format, with its continually morphing nature and (usually) diversity in deck choice, there is one format that I love above all.

That format is Legacy.

Legacy has incredible diversity, and at any given tournament it’s likely you’ll play against a different deck in each round. Another result of this diversity is that there is generally no ‘best’ deck from week-to-week (unless the metagame becomes slightly broken *cough* Treasure Cruise *cough*), and therefore specializing with one deck is particularly rewarding.

For me, the deck that defines me as a Legacy player has been Death & Taxes. The appeal of such a deck is strange; it does not play blue for the all-powerful variance reducers Brainstorm and Ponder, and appears, at its surface, to be unable to fight against combo due to not having access to Force of Will. The deck looks like a crappy pile of white weenies that even a Standard deck could defeat. The truth is quite the contrary, however, with Death & Taxes being a powerful, consistent and punishing deck within the context of the Legacy metagame.
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