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This Month in Legacy (March 2015)

Hi Guys!

Today I’ll be looking at the recent changes that have been occurring in the Legacy metagame this month. This is especially important with the latest Melbourne Legacy League about to begin, and I highly recommend anyone even vaguely interested in Legacy to use this league to get familiar with the format! Read More →

Legacy Primer Series: Death & Taxes – Part II

I return today with some more stories to tell of small white creatures and the cards that accompany them. Yes, I shall be continuing my primer on Death & Taxes. Last week I outlined my current list and outlined the core of cards that should be included in any baseline Death & Taxes list. Today I’ll be outlining alternative options to fill in the deck’s flex slots, and will also go through my current sideboard. There’s a lot to go through, so let’s begin!
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Legacy Primer Series: Death & Taxes – Part I

Hello there! I’m Sean, and in my articles I will be delving primarily into eternal formats.

Although Standard can be an excellent format, with its continually morphing nature and (usually) diversity in deck choice, there is one format that I love above all.

That format is Legacy.

Legacy has incredible diversity, and at any given tournament it’s likely you’ll play against a different deck in each round. Another result of this diversity is that there is generally no ‘best’ deck from week-to-week (unless the metagame becomes slightly broken *cough* Treasure Cruise *cough*), and therefore specializing with one deck is particularly rewarding.

For me, the deck that defines me as a Legacy player has been Death & Taxes. The appeal of such a deck is strange; it does not play blue for the all-powerful variance reducers Brainstorm and Ponder, and appears, at its surface, to be unable to fight against combo due to not having access to Force of Will. The deck looks like a crappy pile of white weenies that even a Standard deck could defeat. The truth is quite the contrary, however, with Death & Taxes being a powerful, consistent and punishing deck within the context of the Legacy metagame.
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